Tune for Silvia

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Even in a time like this - a time without concerts, musicians have the need to express themselves artistically and to present new ideas to their audience. Many artists have already explored new paths in the past few weeks. Stevie and I felt the same way and we were looking for a special room to create new sounds. So it made sense to knock the door (digitally) of Museum Kurhaus - a house that not only has an outstanding grand piano, but with which we have been closely connected in projects for many years. For example, I already wrote and performed music for the exhibitions of Alex Katz, Llyn Foulkes and Ewald Mataré. Most recently we played arrangements of music by the composer Walter Gieseler on the occasion of his 100th birthday as part of the classical concerts by the city of Kleve. On friday, 24th april 2020 Andreas Steffens and I played without an audience in the museum's deserted art gallery for one larger-than-life listener: the painting "Silvia II" by Franz Gertsch.

Autor: DanielMZiegler

musician, jazzcomposer, multiinstrumentalist, speaker and lecturer about Creativity & Innovation

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